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Anhui Tongrun Auto Accessory Co., Ltd was built up as a production base for jacks by Changshu Tongrun Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. Anhui Tongrun and is located in Ningguo City, Anhui Province. It is considered a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province. The main products produced are commercial trolley jacks and jack stands. The annual production is more than one million trolley jacks and the over one million sets of jack stands.

Anhui Tongrun was founded in January 2011 and covers an area of 40,000 square meters. The total investmentm was 133 million yuan and buildings alone cover an area of 25,000 square meters. The company is equipped with advanced technologies and high tech equipment such as automatic liquid electrostatic painting quipment, welding robots, automatic welding machines, high pressure leaning equipment to name a few. In the workshop, there are stamping lines, welding lines, painting lines and assembly lines. The company uses a sophisticated ERP management system to run the day to day perations. The company has an international R&D team and inspection centers, which have the ability to complete the national and industry standard testing requirements. The company is managed according to the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

Tongrun is famous throughout the world for producing quality jacks, and has more than 40 years’ experience in development, manufacturing, and sales of all types of jacks. Tongrun's production of commercial jacks has made the company the largest producer in the world for the last 10 years . In 2013 Tongrun became the largest producer of scissor jacks in the world.

The company owned brand “BIG RED” is famous in the global jack industry especially in North America. The brand “Tongrun” is considered one of the “Well-Known Trademarks in China” by the Chinese Government. Relying on the advantages of the Tongrun Jacks, Anhui Tongrun will gradually become the R&D center and manufacture center of commercial jack and related products in Ningguo City.